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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 43 @ 100 Days Campaign

We've been busy here in D.C. between the daily vigil outside the White House from 11a-1p, meeting with our representatives to encourage closing Guantanamo a fact in reality, and attending and participating in films and discussions.

Today we had particularly good press at the Senate Judiciary hearing on what a truth commission might look like for an inquiry into what has happened over the past eight years that made torture American foreign policy. Check out today's events over at the 100 Days website.

In fact, we've been so busy it has been difficult to find time to reflect on our actions and experiences. The folks here in D.C. this week include locals from the D.C. area, WAT organizers (mostly East Coast Catholic Workers), students from John Carroll University in Cleveland and ourselves. We did get a chance to spend some time tonight over at Dorothy Day Catholic Worker reflecting on torture, recommitting ourselves to working to end torture and shut down Guantanamo - particularly in our own communities at home.

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