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Saturday, April 18, 2009


"Cramped confinement involves the placement of the individual in a confined space, the dimensions of which restrict the individual's movement.

"The confined space is usually dark. The duration of confinement varies based upon the size of the container. 
For the large confined space, the individual can stand up or sit down; the smaller space is large enough for the subject to sit down. Confinement in the large space can last up to eighteen hours; for the smaller space confinement lasts for no more than two hours.
 You would like to place Zubaydah in a cramped confinement box with an insect. You have informed us that he appears to have a fear of insects. In particular, you would like to tell Zubaydah that you intend to place a stinging insect into the box with him.
 You would, however, place a harmless insect in the box. You would have orally informed him that you would in fact place a caterpillar in the box with him."

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