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Friday, January 15, 2010

My Fast and Prayer

As I enter deeper into the fast I am finding the time more prayerful. As my initial prideful adrenaline declines I am realizing how little this fast is about me and my strength. With a lower amount of energy I am forced to move slower and be more intentional about things. It is frustrating and peaceful at the same time. I have to live in my weakness, be human and trust in God. It is humbling and purifying. I pray in this state for the men at Guantanamo, for those suffering in Haiti, for an end to war, and for the unborn. God is active in the world and I pray that this fast and actions involved may give us and all people more courage to help bring this world into harmony with the Divine.

Below is a prayer that I wrote at the beginning of my fast to focus myself and my intentions. I have found it very useful and wanted to share it with all of you.

Fasting Prayer:

God of love, I thank you for my life and the opportunity to be a part of this fast.

I ask you to place me with your son, who is fasting in the deserts of this world.

Please grant me through this fast the graces of a greater trust in your action in the world, a greater humility in my own action, and an increase in courage to continue laboring with you. May my hunger bring me to a deeper awareness of all those who suffer in our world.

I also ask for a conversion of the hearts of our leaders and of all people. I pray especially for President Obama, that he have the courage to bring an end to torture/unjust imprisonment, to war, and to abortion. Move him Lord and inspire others to join in this struggle.

Jesus, be my companion in this fast. I enter into this unknowing. Help me in my weakness and surprise me with your life.

Mary, Our Mother & Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for me and all those who are fasting at this time.

Grant all of these prayers in your love,


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