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Sunday, May 30, 2010

This was published in the St. Paul Universal Local Progressive Non-Violent Reader:

Chicago Resistance Group Meets in St. Paul
by Nebby Davidson
Published Sunday Edition, May 30th, 1a

On a usually hot Minnesota Saturday morning a group of young adults met in Day-by-Day Cafe on West 7th in St. Paul. Reminiscent of the original recovery group that founded the cafe, these young people shared, drank coffee (actually only one, but he drank a lot) and supported each other for a couple of hours. They were members of Kairos Chicago, a group of folks in Chicago that resists faith and justice.

The four people were; Claire Wiltse, Ben Anderson, Emily Anderson, and Annemarie Barrett. After catching up on the recent events they all ordered their meals and got down to business. Barrett shared about her brothers wedding and how she was still pondering her existence in St. Paul. Wiltse talked about a conversation she had with a priest from India about woman's ordination. She reported that he saw the church as a family that he wishes he could change but must respect as a parent. Anderson (Ben) shared about his trip to Kansas City where he visited a work place for Catholics. His animated hand gestures showed his excitement for working Catholics.

Answering where they found hope for the summer, Wilste enjoyed her ricotta cheese pancakes and talked about family/friends and their openness to watching depressing documentaries with her. Barrett and the Andersons swapped stories about wise grandparents they recently saw. Barreet, with a profoundly deep look on her face, shared a story of an intense yet productive conversation she had with a family member.

Eating her granola with yogurt, Anderson (Emily) shared how she is moving to Chicago next year to live in in a post-volunteer school called Amelia's House. This sparked a long discussion about community, as all four will be residents in communes starting this August. Anderson (Ben), having finished his breakfast burrito and four cups of coffee, shared stories of previous alternative multi-person living situations he had participated in. The other three inspiring young resisters were distracted by the cute kids playing in the pond and the stray cats.

After a couple of hours the group decided to call it quits. They left energized and embraced each other. All were committed to continue their lives of non-violent faith resistance in the manner of the Cafe's name, Day-by-Day.

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