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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fasting Prayer 2011

Hey Friends,

I was inspired again this year to write a prayer to describe my intentions and desires in the WAT fast. I thought it might be helpful to others, know you are in my prayers,

God my Mother,
I come before you, my poor and hungry self.

I am so small in your great work,
but desire to do so much for your people.

As I fast,

let this hunger focus your desires in me.

Let rest my ego and free it to your reign.

Jesus, brother, be with me. Through this hunger

make room for God’s reign in my heart.

May I be able to hear the stories of the imprisoned,

the tortured, and the homeless with your ears and your heart.

Let me pray with you Jesus and all those who fast,

crying out to our God of Justice,

to end the torture and imprisonment

of the men at Guantanamo and Bagram.

We pray that all of our eyes may be opened

to see these men as our brothers.

It is you God, who gave us these desires,

please sustain and give courage

to all who fast with you.

May our actions stir many hearts.

Mold us in freedom so that we may

continue becoming the co-workers in your reign

you invite each of us to be.

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