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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Satire this: NDAA

“Ensnared within this steel quagmire,

Our view holds little to admire,

So to the darkness we retire

Amidst the chime of the razor wire”

With these words Moazzam Begg transforms his surroundings in Guantanamo Bay Prison into poetry. Could I do the same? Today, thanks to the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, even as a citizen I could find myself held captive in Guantanamo. I now have the opportunity to dwell “amidst the chime of the razor wire”. The possibility is legal. The same conditions of confinement afforded to Moazzam Begg now extend legally to U.S. citizens. Finally, the exclusive setting of Guantanamo Bay is now available to one and all. Although the screening process for applicants is said to be severely restricted to the ‘worst of the worst’, the barrier to entry has proven easy to surmount. Potato farmers, taxi drivers, the schizophrenic and lobotomized, fourteen or 89 years old, previous detainees prove the trends by facility administration striving toward equal detainment opportunity.With luck I'll meet the terrorist threshold and win an all expenses paid, one-way ticket. But I better hurry to apply before this offer ends soon. It won't last long.

Hopefully this act is something akin to having a mandatory draft. When enlistment in the armed services was forced, the universal peril gave impetus to the peace movement. Maybe the NDAA is exactly what we've been waiting for. Some epiphany.

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