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Friday, May 1, 2009

This is what democracy looks like!

Clouds gathered over Chicago and soft tears fell from the sky. It's May Day and we recall the tragedy of our fallen proletariat. When it's a Methodist pastor who opens the rally wearing a red arm band, it seems this country has come along way. But the Red scare of yesterday has become the immigrant epidemic of today.

"Its about not having papers" the explained one of the men wearing masks.  These spectres had the retro comedy of masks from Mexican luchalibre. The fight continues. Indeed as FOX news lays the blame of swine flu upon the immigrant, dozens wore medical masks to mock the thinly veiled racism. Today marchers recalled that past agent provocateur cannot defeat the united worker. 

 Mourning Haymarkets since 1886, Unite Now held stop signs. Meanwhile, blue-coated Teamsters, and Purple-coated SEIU stood proud of accomplishments like the 8 hour work day and the weekend. Raising one question, another union marched with a gargantuan globe: have we broken ourselves from the chains of our borders? Indeed, a spectre of community has made itself known:

Black T'd Anarchists formed a drum circle and Native Traditionalists danced in a ring. Wobblies waved red while white T'd IMAN Muslims prayed the Friday prayers at the Federal plaza.

Chants echoed.  Some familiar, "Si se puede, yes we can; ...united we'll never be defeated; Others edgy: "no justice, no peace, f**# the police!" and others...well, you just had to be there to hear si se puede--in chinese. In comparison to the classic "This is what democracy looks like" and the Anarchist CHARGE, the delinquent Latino youth treated us to the infectious, moshpit inducing, "quien no se brinca es migra!" whoever doesn't jump is [an immigration officer] ICE! 

The messages coalesced like a green, white and red flag and a Guadalupe image: Halt Raids, stop separating families; pass the Dream Act and pass the fair [and full] employment act; allow legalization, and stunningly, Immigration isn't the problem, the problem is capitalism.   

 Amidst the shouting the crowd parted and there appeared a Buddha of gentleness, an organizer who stood over a pothole for our protection. In his green shirt, he beamed and said, "This is the road to Hell!" So, Watch it, 

and Keep on keeping on. 

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