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Friday, August 5, 2011

Nuclear Resisters-Michael Walli

This letter comes from Michael Walli, jailed until sentencing after 5/10/11 federal conviction for trespass at Y12 nuclear weapons complex, 7/5/2010.

[Written on Pax Christi Card with Jubilee Pledge and Prayer]

Variety is the Spice of Life/But make sure Jesus is your Spicer…May the Holy Spirit of Jesus Indwell in you!

Jubilee Pledge

As disciples of Jesus in the new millennium,

I/We pledge to:

PRAY regularly for greater justice and peace.

LEARN more about Catholic social teaching and its call to protect human life, stand with the poor, and care for creation.

REACH across boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity, gender and disabling conditions.

LIVE justly in family life, school, work, the market-place, and the political arena.

SERVE those who are poor and vulnerable, sharing more time and talent.

GIVE more generously to those in need at home and abroad.

ADVOCATE for public policies that protect human life, promote human dignity, preserve God’s creation and build peace.

ENCOURAGE others to work for greater charity, justice and peace.

Prayer to Become Jubilee People

Father of Time, Mother of Creation, we thank you for the gift of Jubilee that sanctifies both time and space. During this Great Jubilee at the dawn of the new millennium, teach us the wisdom of Sabbath rest for your earth and for the land of ourselves.

Teach us the wisdom of forgiveness of debts for those who cannot pay and for those we refuse to release. Teach us the wisdom of Jubilee justice to remind us that all we have belongs to you and to ensure that everyone has enough.

Teach us the wisdom of Jubilee liberation that we might free those who are oppressed and languish in captivity.

Strengthen our families, parishes, church and nation that we might truly become Jubilee people.


[Handwritten verses are numbered by the author. Margin inserts signaled by ^]

^*New York=Empire State

^*Georgia=Empire State of the South


  1. Fight school violence
  2. We’re on the $kid$
  3. Careful what you teach our kids
  4. The three Rs are OK and ABC
  5. But Keep out the horror$ of ROTC
  6. King George III thi$?
  7. George Wa$hington that?
  8. A que$tion of changing
  9. An empire hat*
  10. The US had it$ Goerge$ Three
  11. God $ave the people
  12. From crazed monarchy
  13. Tippecanoe and Tyler too?
  14. Antichri$t warmonger$
  15. Bring $orrow to you
  16. Remember the Alamo?
  17. That happened a century
  18. And a half ago
  19. And gave U$ half
  20. Of Mexico
  21. That inspired the Fuhrer
  22. To $hriek “lieben$room”!
  23. And kept the gun$ going
  24. Boom! Boom! Boom!

^”Western democracies as they function today are diluted forms of Nazism or fascism.” –Mohandas Koramchand Gandhi










I slept and I dreamed

That life is all joy

I woke and I saw

That life is all service

I served and I saw

That service is joy

--by Rabindranath Tagore, Early 20th Century Nobel Prize Winner in Literature

^”Without sacrifice there is no love” –Saint Maimilian Kolbe OFM

[Page 2]

  1. Refurbi$h Civil War $tatuary?*
  2. Better to have a
  3. Frontal lobotomy
  4. Reenactor$ of Yorktown
  5. Getty$burg and Bull Run
  6. Have a wor$e diploma
  7. Than tho$e who run
  8. Before the bull$ at Pamplona
  9. Remember the Maine?
  10. Give$ all of U$ pain
  11. Guam The Philippine$
  12. The Virgin Island$ Puerto Rico
  13. Guantanamo
  14. Remember Queen Lililukalani?
  15. How the Hawaiian$ lo$t Hawaii?
  16. That wa$ a Fine Aloha
  17. How do ya do ya?
  18. The war to end war$?
  19. Million$ of dead?
  20. The blood in the ground
  21. Make$ the poppie$ $o red
  22. Remember Pearl Harbor?
  23. Take a bath
  24. Let not the $un $ink down
  25. On your wrath

^”Nationalism is the childhood disease of the human race—it is the measles of mankind.”—Albert Einstein

^*Use the resources for the living who need it

^The Northerners call the 2 Civil War Battles in Loudoun County Virginia Bull Run. The Southerners call them Manasses. The ungodly heathens have costly reenactments to help them remember the carnage inspired by Satan. Why go to Pamplona to see the bulls run when you can go to Loudoun County and see 2 legged man asses?

Over 600,000 people died in the US Civil War. The mostly Christ confessing politicians and clergymen of the land did not prevent it. Those who fought the war and died as a result of the war were mostly Christ confessing and yet they did not resolve their differences according to Jesus’ New Testament.

^”Blessed are those who block their ears about the ‘news’ of evil communicated for profit.”

[Page 3]

  1. Land$lide Lyndon
  2. $tretched the truth a bit
  3. Hi$ Tonkin Gulf attack two
  4. Wa$ a crock of poo poo*
  5. Neither rhyme or rea$on
  6. Wa$ ever hi$ $ea$on
  7. Lady Bird Airline$ Flew the Troup$
  8. Thru all $ort$ of conflict
  9. Of Intere$t legal hoop$
  10. Pu$hing $mart bomb button$
  11. I$ $o unromantic
  12. The warrior$ fly away
  13. Leaving horror$ gigantic
  14. Body bag and war memorial
  15. Growth indu$try
  16. Future$ are up
  17. And will $tay $o until
  18. You find the Holy Grail Cup
  19. We mu$t now pur$ue
  20. The Doctor Kingian Way
  21. Guided mi$$iles and mi$guided men?
  22. They Ju$t do not pay
  23. Remembering $atan Keep$ you blue
  24. Jesus Christ makes all things new
  25. Beware of the pen$ion plan patriot$
  26. With flag$ unfurled
  27. Our citizen$hip is not
  28. of thi$ world

^Store your treasures in Heaven where neither moth nor rust corrupt or corrode it.

^*As proven by existent US Government telephone recordings in national archives custody.

^Senators Wayne Morse of Oregon an Ernest Gruening of Alaska opposed the Tonkin Gulf resolution which illegally “enabled” President Johnson to expand the war in Vietnam/Indo-China. Senator Morse said at the time that the US would come to regret the Tonkin Gulf Resolution

^”We have guided missiles and misguided men.”—Dr. M.L. King Jr.

^”Suffering willingly endured is redemptive”—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

^”Christ will come again, to undo the Antichrist, free the world, the Fatherland of Paradise.” –Saint Peter Chrysologous (450 AD) Doctor of the Church

[Page 3]

  1. Get off the highway
  2. Kingpin commander$ in chief
  3. Jesus is coming
  4. He come$ a$ a thief
  5. Patrioti$m i$ the refuge of a $coundrel*
  6. Don’t buy it! Don’t buy it!
  7. Purcha$er$ can expect their refund$ in hell
  8. For a Christmas tat every tot enjoys
  9. Eradicate all of tho$e helli$h war toy$
  10. Capitali$t$ Communi$t$ militari$ts nationalist$
  11. $atan $upplie$ their good$
  12. Evict the$e na$ty element$
  13. From all earth’$ neighborhood$
  14. From the tomb$ of the unknown
  15. Come a unifying voice
  16. Make obedience to God
  17. Your full armory of choice
  18. When you ring out your freedom
  19. As God’s children quite well
  20. The belfry$ altogether
  21. Will truly $ound Nobel

99. $atan with thy arm$ contract

100. Mammon be $purned

101. $tay wrapped up in Jesus

  1. And you won’t be burned
  2. Budgetary billion$ militarizing $pac
  3. Expo$e$ to the public
  4. $atan’$ ugly Face

^”Property owned communally is holy.” –Saint Gertrude the Great

^*Saying attributed to Samuel Johnson

^”Blessed are the peace makers for they are the ones who shall be called Children of God.”

^”I have unequivocally declared my opposition to this most colossal of all evils” Dr. King referring to antichrist nuclear weapons

[Page 4]

  1. Jesus Cross of Life
  2. I4 the Path well taken
  3. Leave all other$ totally For$aken
  4. Gandhi had a lot of
  5. Worthy thing$ to $ay
  6. Li$ten to hi$ coun$el$
  7. Or you have hell to pay
  8. (See*insert) The Warlord$ war by war
  9. Rake n multibillion$
  10. Ho hum $ay thee $cum
  11. They’re ma$$acreing civilian$
  12. There is Freedom to choo$e
  13. And it is our lo$$
  14. Until we elect
  15. The Way of the Cross


1. Politic$ without principle

2. Plea$ure without con$cience

3. Wealth without work

4. Knowledge without character

5. Bu$ine$$ without morality

6. $cience without humanity

7. Wor$hip without $acrifice

--Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

^The Sheep at Jesus Judgment are at His Right Hand. The goats at his Left Hand. Goats ilk is the richest Kind of dairy milk.

^Jesus is the Father of the world that is to come.

^Woe to you rich/You have had your reward

^The State of New York is nicknamed “The Empire State”/ The State of Georgia is called “The Empire State of the South”

^Judas betrayed Jesus the Prince of Peace into the hands of the militarists for money while giving Him lip service.

^The US has the hogs share of the many billions of dollars “worth” of military weapons sold each year on the antichrist international military weapons market sowing Satan’s harvest of death.

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