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Monday, August 15, 2011

a traveler's prayer

Dear Spirit on the Move,
Tent of Covenant,
Desert of Faithfulness,

Be with me in the packings and unpackings of my life:
Packing bags with tools for journey
Packing weeks with invitations for love
Packing initiative with dreams of unity
Packing conversations with glimpses of authenticity
Packing prayer with surrender to peace.

Grant that I may never seek so much to be gone as to stay;
To attract attention as to offer presence;
To evade as to abide.

May my life continue to be an unpacking of the mysteries that await in the adventure of inward movement towards outward solidarity alongside the reluctant strangers and holy companions with whom I am graced to exchange hospitality.

Be not far from me, as my travels and trials become chapters of the biography of my homecoming to where I've been -- in You -- all along.


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